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Jo created sketch group 'FunBags' in 2010


Scroll down for some quite astonishing praise for what was essentially three women having a ball & titting about for four years:


Up first are the female comedy troupe Funbags, who perform a variety of sketches...they are fast-paced and topical, exemplifying the strengths of the performers’ ability to play multiple characters.  - What’s Peen Seen


“Extremely funny - the energy they give to the room is amazing, well worth seeing.” – Comedy Club House *****


“Each sketch is performed with boundless energy and commitment, creating a sense of believability in even the most absurd of pieces... the hearty response from the

audience is also testament to the success of this show.” – Broadway Baby ****


"The fearless three ploughed through sketch after sketch, unafraid to look ridiculous, and with just the right mixture between pathos and stupidity, their set was a highlight of the evening - in particular a preposterous sequence involving a new nanny and some truly demonic children. Hopefully this is not the last we'll see of them, as their routine already cries out for a chance to shine on television." - The Velvet Onion


"What makes them stand out from the crowd is their daring to explore everything from the bizarre to the sexually repressed. True professionals when it comes to comedy I say - and not bad looking either." - Fringe Comedy


"A laugh out loud collection of creations." - Remote Goat.


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